Toddler Classroom – The Farm Room (1 – 2 years)

Meet the teachers

The mobile toddler learns to propel themselves to explore the environment when they feel secure. Our teachers guide and gently direct our toddlers to explore their surroundings through positive and comforting interactions, activities, and fun play-time. Even at this early age, our toddlers in the one year old room participate in “circle time” and love the fun songs, dances, books and activities involved! They love playing in their sensory table, creating fun works of art, working on puzzles, and acting silly throughout the day with their friends and teachers!

A daily report on each child’s activities is given to parents to ensure they are informed as to how their child’s day went. We know it’s difficult to be away from your child but being able to sing their favorite songs they have done earlier that day is a great way for parents to feel included.

Toddler Daily Guide: (Click Here)

What to bring for your infant:
The Academy provides a pack-n-play or nap mat for each child, breakfast and afternoon snack.

We ask you to bring the following:
– bedding bag- crib sheet, blanket and lovie (bag will be returned at the end of each week to be cleaned),
– clean changes of clothing (weather appropriate, 2-3 changes of clothing),
– diapers and wipes
– pacifier (as needed)
– lunch in lunchbox with ice pack (If not participating in our Lunch Program)

Amber Millsamber-mills
Lead Teacher -Toddlers

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and an Associates degree in Early Childhood Education along with 7 years of experience working with infants and toddlers!

I have a one year old daughter and believe that my combination of past experience with toddlers, education and motherhood has thoroughly prepared me for this exact role!

I believe that play should be teacher guided and that toddlers learn best with a hands-on approach to learning. I teach through nurturing and establishing trust with the children. I also love bringing a variety of sensory activities, as well as engaging play with puzzles and creative play!

Moira O’Sullivanmoira-osullivan
Co-Teacher Toddlers

I grew up on the north shore of Massachusetts and moved to Maine in order to pursue my love for art at Maine College of Art. My true passion, however, is working with children.

I grew up in a large family and since a young age I have always said that I want to work with children. Previously, I have worked as a behavioral specialist for children with Autism and as a nanny. I love being a part of The Academy team and being with your little ones!