At The Academy, we recognize that each child is continuously developing new skills and curiosities. We learn from the children, environment and experiences, to better enrich the lives of all of our students. The first three years are what Jean Piaget, French developmental psychologist, calls the sensorimotor period, where infants and toddlers learn through sensory exploration. They develop physical and cognitive skills, and learn about people and objects by becoming fully involved with their surroundings.

We integrate the State of Maine Early Childhood Learning Guidelines with “Creative Curriculum”. Our teachers provide structured-based activities clearly outlining their objectives with monthly cross-curriculum themes including pretend play activities, songs, art projects, role-playing, experiments, and language arts/reading at the age-appropriate level for each classroom. We work on fine and gross motor skills at all ages, social development, proper communication and conflict resolution. Through positive encouragement and guidance, we assist each child in gaining positive self-esteem, confidence and independence. By focusing on each child and their social, emotional and mental well-being, we ensure to properly prepare them for academics as well as the social aspects to be successful in the kindergarten setting.