parentsWe work closely with our students’ parents to provide consistency and harmony amongst their school and home life. Our teachers are dedicated to ensuring you, as the parents, are happy with the safe learning environment that we strive to maintain. Parent involvement is always welcome and we will extend offerings throughout the year to throw out ideas on how to show your child you want to know about what happens during their school life. A happy school and home environment is our goal for everyone.

Fees & Payment Policy
Hours of Operation: 7am – 5:30pm
Parents choose their schedule for 9 hours of childcare. We do offer extended care (more than 9 hours). It is available as part of weekly tuition at a 30% discount (below), or for $10/day and must be arranged in advance.
The following rates are for 9 hours of care per day:

Infants (<1 yr) Toddlers (1-2 yrs) Preschool (3-5 yrs)
5 days/wk $300 $260 $240
4 days/wk $260 $235 $210
Extra 30 Min $20 $20 $20
Extra Hour $37 $37 $37

Enrollment Package (Forms to Complete by Parent/Guardian)

Please fill out and sign one of the two forms below and return them to the Academy for Active Learners. Not sure which form to fill out? The Digital Package form is a special PDF that lets you type your answers before printing. The Manual Enrollment Package is a normal pdf that must print and then then complete manually. Both work for us – use whichever form is easiest for you.

Digital Package

Manual Enrollment Package


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