Early Preschool Classroom – The Forest Room (3 year olds)

Meet the teachers

As an early preschooler, your child will begin to explore their independence more in a larger classroom environment, with plenty of opportunity for expanding their social skills, vocabulary, team building, caring, all while learning their academics in a fun and exciting manner! They have a structured schedule to promote learning throughout the day.

Our teachers are excellent communicators and are always searching for ways to show children how to properly communicate their feelings/needs, to lessen the amount of physical confrontations that may occur. We believe in using “I statements”; “I’m sad because she took my toy.” We find that repetition and consistency with these statements is helpful for children to express what it is that they may be feeling and why, and then creates a platform for conflict resolution skills to build upon. These skills start rather simplistically, and as the child becomes more in tune with their feelings and environment, the “I statements” and the conflict resolution process become more complex. This creates a greater understanding of how social interactions work and the child gains self-confidence and independence.

Most 3 year olds are potty-trained but if they aren’t, we will work with parents and families to ensure we support each other to help each child gain confidence and the skills to use the bathroom independently.
Parent communication is high priority for our staff. Our teachers provide parents with a daily report on each child’s activities and pay special attention to ensure the parents feel informed as to how their child’s day went.

Early Preschool Daily Guide:(Click Here)

What to bring for your early preschooler:

We ask you to bring the following:
– bedding bag- crib sheet, blanket, small pillow and lovie (bag will be returned at the end of each week to be cleaned),
– clean changes of clothing (weather appropriate, 2-4 outfits)
– pull-ups as needed
– lunch in lunchbox with ice pack (If not participating in our Lunch Program)

Lilli Atchesonelena-kiyanitsa
Lead Teacher- Early Preschoolers

I graduated from college several years ago with my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts. I have held numerous professional positions in the customer service field since completing my degree. But I have always had a deep connection with children.

This past year I accepted a new position as a teacher in child care center working with one year olds. Working in a daycare allowed me to discover my true passion in teaching. I love to be a part of children’s growth!

I am ecstatic to begin a new adventure working in the Forest Room with this wonderful group!

Morgan Sargentali-burch
Co-Teacher – Early Preschoolers

I graduated from The University of Maine in May of 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a concentration in Abnormal/Social development and minors in Sociology and Legal Studies. I spent all four years of college volunteering for The Make-A-Wish Foundation and Dance Marathon for Children’s Miracle Network. The courses and volunteer work I took part in throughout college are what helped me discover that I wanted to work with children!

I have spent several years babysitting and have always been surrounded by children in my family. I am looking forward to watching all of the children grow in a safe and fun environment!